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Connecting People With Cool Cars Since 2005...

CoolCarGuy.com is a licensed Colorado car dealership that is different than most other car dealers.

The Cool Car Guys' Personal Online Automotive Boutique Where We Are Curating Exceptional Rides for Unique Individuals.

Step into a different world of automotive excellence at CoolCarGuy.com that is designed as an online boutique car dealership that breaks free from the conventional norms. I'm John Boyd, known as The Cool Car Guy, and my goal is to redefine your car-owning and driving experience.

With a personal history of owning nearly 60 automobiles alongside my wife Becky, I've spent decades perfecting the art of buying, selling, trading, and leasing vehicles. At CoolCarGuy.com, my passion for cars has evolved into a distinctive online automotive boutique designed to provide you with more than just a set of wheels – it's about creating a fun, engaging and value-driven experience around buying, trading, leasing and owning vehicles.  I love driving cars!

Why CoolCarGuy.com Stands Out

Unmatched Expertise: Tap into the extensive knowledge of my team of consultants who are experts in financing, buying, selling, and leasing vehicles. Unlike traditional dealerships focused on moving inventory, We're here to guide you through the process, ensuring you find a vehicle that suits your preferences and needs.

My business model isn't designed for everyone and we don't try to be everything to everybody. CoolCarGuy.com doesn't try to sell thousands of vehicles a month. My team of experts focus on working with only a few hundred people a year, who get to leverage my car dealership and the teams decades of car expertise. We're all passionate about vehicles and we like to have fun and have a really cool business for our clients to participate in with us.

Value Over Inventory: Our business model doesn't revolve around a massive inventory. We don't inventory vehicles like traditional car dealerships who are trying to "sell what's on their lot". Instead, we carefully curate vehicles for you our exclusive channels. Each vehicle is handpicked to offer you a unique and exciting driving experience. We keep you involved in the process, all along the way. You can get a better vehicle that you want at fair market value.

Exclusive Access: Benefit from resources and vehicles not available to the general public. With access to a network of dealers and exclusive sources, like dealership auctions, we go beyond the ordinary. My dealership can provide you with exceptional options for used vehicles and we have relationships with new car dealers as well.

Comprehensive Services: CoolCarGuy.com isn't just about selling cars; it's about providing a holistic service. Enjoy perks like discounts on repairs, assistance with financing, trade-ins, and a seamless process for handling loans and leases. We can probably help you buy out your lease and get you financed if you want to keep it.

Your Personal Car Dealership: My team, licensed to sell vehicles in Colorado, is here to assist you to find your next vehicle. Our compensation is tied to your satisfaction, aligning our goals with yours – just like a real estate agent. In many parts of the United States the salespeople are not licensed to sell vehicles, but only the dealership is licensed. You might be buying a vehicle from someone who knows less about cars than you do.

I've built CoolCarGuy.com to as a dealership that is totally different by creating a refreshing alternative to the traditional dealership experience. Whether you're in search of a specific vehicle or simply have questions, reach out via text, phone, or email.  I actually answer my phone or if I'm not available leave me a message and I'll call you back.

If you're wanting to experience something different, come and embark on a journey where expertise, passion, and personalized service converge to make your dream ride a reality.

Find Your Next Vehicle!


We have a team of experts that like to have fun and assist people in finding their next ride.  For many people it's their second largest purchase next to their home, so it should be a fun and rewarding experience buying or leasing a vehicle.  We offer financing via credit unions and many of the tools that are available at larger dealerships while still being a boutique


Our office is located in an executive suite with a small staff. The Cool Car Guy's business model is a boutique that focuses on getting higher quality vehicles for our clients.  Our business in repeat and referral and it's based on relationships with people who like to drive vehicles.  If you want to leverage my dealership for your next ride than reach out.

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