The Cool Car Guy Difference!

At we do not inventory vehicles like the large car dealerships that focus on selling what is on their lot. You don't have to worry about being pushed into a vehicle that doesn't work for your situation.

Many people find themselves having to surrender a vehicle and without transportation options when facing a bankruptcy. The bankruptcy court will often limit the price and amount of vehicle that a person can purchase. It can be extremely frustrating going through the process and discovering that your vehicle options are limited.

A person who has filed bankruptcy is often forced to purchase a vehicle that they don't really want out of necessity, so they are less likely to keep it long enough to help re-establish their credit. In most cases they will find themselves extremely "upside down" on the vehicle if they try to get out of it because they chose the wrong vehicle out of a desperate situation.

No Inventory...

At we carry little to no inventory. We only have a few vehicles in our inventory each month or on consignment to sell for our clients. This is because each week we have access to not hundreds, but thousands of vehicles from dealer auctions and other source like rental car fleets and other dealers wanting us to sell their cars.

The Process: Getting You Your Next Vehicle Is Simple & Easy!

Dealer auctions are where dealerships go to buy inventory to put on their lot. Each week there are several in Denver and Colorado Springs where we go to buy vehicles for our clients based on what's available and fits their needs. We have access to tens of thousands of vehicles nationwide each week, we even ship them in for our clients!

Lenders have certain requirements for vehicles that they will loan money on, so there are certain parameters that are required in order to get financed from a lender. However, there are plenty of choices available that can usually work for a person beyond just one or two choices like at most dealerships.

  • Fill out a credit application at our website by clicking here
  • We will email you a large list of current vehicles to choose from
  • We will submit it to the lender to pre-approve your financing
  • We get together to confirm your vehicle of choice
  • We get the lender requirements to secure your financing
  • We get you your vehicle, professionally inspected, detailed & delivered


A Boutique With Access To Dealer Auctions And Rental Fleets

At we want to get you the right vehicle at the right price and make getting your first vehicle after a bankruptcy or if you just have credit challenges a positive experience. This way you can get a vehicle that you actually want to drive and not something you are forced into buying. We have done this for many people over the years.

Check out our process in more detail below and you will see what makes our system unique compared to how other car dealerships operate. We have access to lenders who work with people who have a variety of credit challenges. It's definitely worth investigating to see if you can qualify for a vehicle that fits your budget, specific wants and needs.


Fill out the vehicle request form below. We can start the search for your next vehicle and see if we can make it work for your unique situation.

Vehicle Request Form

If you're ready to get started just fill out the form below and let us know your ideal vehicle. We will email you back some options to consider and give you an idea of pricing and details.