Who's Hanging Out At CoolCarGuy.com

CoolCarGuy.com has several experienced consultants. We pride ourselves about the value we put into our relationships with our clients. Our clients tend to be as passionate about automobiles as we are.

John M Boyd

President John is known as The Cool Car Guy and he's the owner of CoolCarGuy.com with almost 18 years of experience in helping people, buy, sell, trade and lease vehicles both new and used through his relationships with other dealers. John now lives in New Mexico with his wife Becky and he lives an active lifestyle of running, snowboarding and driving cool cars. The CoolCarGuy.com dealership is going strong in Lone Tree, CO where a team of Independent Auto Consultants deliver vehicles that he finds for his clients, as well as servicing their own clientele. He taught snowboarding lessons at Loveland ski area and he is an active runner who has ran over 100 full marathons around the country with his wife Becky. John has several other businesses that he's involved in besides CoolCarGuy.com. He knows how to structure financing and buy vehicles right for his clients because he uses the same strategies for his clients that he uses himself as the owner of a licensed car dealership.

Seth Edelman

Automotive Consultant Seth Edelman calls himself The Auto Matchmaker. He's been in the auto industry since 2006 and has worked for a number of franchise and independent car dealerships over the years. He's great at structuring a deal and locating vehicles through the dealer auctions for his clients. Seth is a former "Mogul competitor " having lived in Winter Park, Colorado and being on the Winter Park Freestyle Ski Team blasting moguls and doing aerials. He was a coach there and at Ski Club Vail and a ski instructor at Echo Mountain for a couple of years. He used to ride his 2012 Harley Davidson Street-Glide around Colorado before moving to Tampa, FL in 2020. He lives in Tampa now where he can be found cruising around in his 2019 Dodge Challenger Hellcat Widebody that he won by betting on Tom Brady & the Buccaneers to win the Super Bowl in their home stadium that was never done until the 2020-2021 season. That is a pretty cool story in itself. You will find Seth hanging out with other car enthusiasts at Cars and Coffee down in Tampa and posting photos of cool rides on his social media platforms.

Jake Grover

Automotive Consultant Jake Grover is a Colorado native and loves to take advantage of the laid back Colorado lifestyle that the State has to offer. He's been in the automotive industry since he turned 16 and got his driver's license. Since that time he's managed numerous repair shops for five years, managed a dealer auction for two years and has been in the world of car dealerships for five years. He was a used car buyer for a large franchise dealership in Colorado before coming to CoolCarGuy.com. He has a diverse background with plenty of experience when it comes to cars and trucks with great relationships for his clients to leverage. A dog lover, Jake has 3 dogs and he's a big animal guy, who is also an avid off-roader and hiker. He spends a lot of weekends at the drag strip and has quite a collection of cool cars that he rents out, while being an automotive consultant with CoolCarGuy.com. Hanging his license at the our dealership is a great fit for Jake's active and automotive enthusiast lifestyle.