Who's Hanging Out At CoolCarGuy.com

CoolCarGuy.com has a few experienced consultants who pride ourselves about putting value into our relationships with our clients who are as passionate about automobiles as we are.

John M Boyd

President John is known as The Cool Car Guy and he's the owner of CoolCarGuy.com with 15 years of experience in helping people, buy, sell, trade and lease vehicles both new and used through his relationships with other dealers. He's also a licensed insurance agent and owner of CoolCarsForLife.com where he shows people the value of using cash value life insurance as a tool to finance vehicles by paying cash with a policy loan against their life insurance policy. He taught snowboarding lessons at Loveland ski area and he is an active runner who has ran over 86 full marathons around the country with his wife Becky. He is also the developer of the website TopCarBid.com where people can join as a member of a Virtual Car Show. It's the only type of website of its kind on the Internet today for dealers, car clubs and individual members and was recently launched at the end of 2019.