Sell Your Vehicle For More Money

Many dealers and online retailers are offering to buy your vehicle immediately for cash. The Cool Car Guy has relationships and resources beyond just one Used Car Manager at a local car dealership who will usually offer you less than what the vehicle will sell for at auction.

Many of our clients will consign their vehicles with us to try find a retail buyer and earn more than trade value after a consignment commission. Of course this can take some time. We also have clients who want to move their vehicle fast and they will consign the vehicle and have us take it directly to the local dealer auction to allow other dealers to bid on their vehicle to try to get more money for it.

You can set the price you want to NET for your vehicle after auction fees, a wash and vacuum of your vehicle to get the vehicle ready for auction, and a commission to for handling the auction transaction for you. This can usually work out better than just trading your vehicle immediately.

If you don't like the offer at auction or from our dealer network, our retail consignment program is available for you. Everything is always based on offer and acceptance and you are in control of your vehicle.