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CoolCarGuy.com is a licensed Colorado car dealership that is different than most other car dealers.

My name is John Boyd and I own CoolCarGuy.com. I'm known as The Cool Car Guy having personally owned close to 60 automobiles over the years with my wife Becky. I've been buying, selling, trading and leasing vehicles for my clients for over 18 years. I am passionate about cars as you might expect. I turned my hobby of owning vehicles and my passion for driving them into a business.

CoolCarGuy.com is what I created as a unique automotive boutique to help my clients leverage my dealership and get a cool ride. My clients get to leverage my car dealership and expertise in financing, buying, selling and leasing vehicles. My dealership is an alternative to traditional car dealerships where they are trained to sell what's on their lot. I don't have the overhead of most other dealerships or a huge staff to employ, so I can usually get people a better deal than they would on their own.

I don't carry a large inventory of vehicles. My business model is to find vehicles for my clients using dealer auctions, rental fleets, vehicles on consignment and other sources that I have available as a car dealer. I have access to resources for vehicles that are not available to the general public. I also work with other dealers to assist people in purchasing both new and used vehicles.

There are additional benefits in working with me, such as discounts on repairs through relationships I have with various vendors. Many of my clients have me place their vehicle on consignment with my dealership, so that I can help them sell it. I can get a buyer financed, handle their trade and make the process of getting their vehicle paid off, if there is a loan, etc. It can be complicated trying to sell a vehicle on your own if there is a loan or lease to payoff.

I have a few people who are licensed with me that assist me with deliveries and they also have their own clients. We get paid out of the sale, the same way a real estate agent gets paid from the sale of a property.

I built my business as a way to help people be able to leverage my resources without the traditional "car dealership" experience. If you're interested in working with me and looking for a vehicle or you just have questions for me, be sure and reach out via text, phone or email.

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As The Cool Car Guy I have helped thousands of people find their next vehicle. Driving cool cars shouldn't break the bank.


Our office is located in an executive suite with a small staff. The Cool Car Guy's business model is a boutique that focuses on getting higher quality vehicles, typically at a better price than most dealers by keeping our overhead and inventory low.

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