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At CoolCarGuy.com we are passionate about automobiles! We love cars. We like to drive them. We like to own them. CoolCarGuy.com is owned by John Boyd, The Cool Car Guy. John has owned 50 automobiles and he loves to drive. He's created a unique automotive boutique for people who are passionate about getting a really cool ride. What's cool? Whatever is cool to you!

People are spending way more time behind the wheel. It's not uncommon to drive 12,000 to 20,000 miles a year or more and spend hours in traffic. Shouldn't you be driving something you really like and enjoy instead of a vehicle you were pushed into by a car salesman or due to a tight budget? We want our clients to love their vehicle and enjoy driving it everyday. We're the opposite of most dealerships who are just out for a fast buck and could care less if they ever see you again.

We don't carry a large inventory of vehicles. We don't have to because we can find the vehicle you want at the price you want. Unless they are contacting us about a vehicle on consignment or that we traded for, we track down vehicles for our clients based on what they want to drive.

  • Get the vehicle you want at the price you want and can afford.
  • Every make, model and price range available through unique sources.
  • We can source the right vehicle that fits your personality and needs.
  • Access to hundreds of thousands of vehicles from many sources, including exclusive nationwide dealer auctions, rental fleets and both new and used car dealership inventories.
  • Discover how you can take out a policy loan against your cash value life insurance.
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Let US HELP YOU Find Your Next RIDE!

As The Cool Car Guy I have helped thousands of people find their next vehicle. Driving cool cars shouldn't break the bank.


Our office is located in an executive suite with a small staff. The Cool Car Guy's business model is a boutique that focuses on getting higher quality vehicles, typically at a better price than most dealers by keeping our overhead and inventory low.


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